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S1E8 Claudia Iton - Now is the time to properly embrace Diversity and Inclusion

S1E8 Claudia Iton - Now is the time to properly embrace Diversity and Inclusion

June 30, 2020

If as a leader, watching what has unfolded since the killing of George Floyd, you have been wondering what you could do. What action you can take in your sphere of influence to make a difference?

Well, you’re not alone. While the subject of improving Diversity and Inclusion has been trending for some time, people who work in this field will tell you that since the surge in protest and calls for change, interest in going beyond just talking about diversity and inclusion to actually doing something has significantly intensified.

So, what can leaders do?

To answer this question we spoke with Claudia Iton of Replete Consulting. Claudia specialises in working with organisations who want to achieve meaningful and sustainable change with regard to Diversity and Inclusion.

The good news is that there are practical steps you can take right away, although don’t go looking for quick fixes. Real change takes commitment and persistence.

The best news is that achieving real diversity and inclusion can bring benefits beyond creating a fairer work environment, with significant performance and financial benefits accruing from enhanced diversity of thought and the unleashing of all the talent available to an organisation. 42 mins 29 secs

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S1E7 Mike Edwards - Using Sound to Engage Minds

S1E7 Mike Edwards - Using Sound to Engage Minds

May 27, 2020

When was the last time you were moved by something you heard? I don’t mean something someone said, I mean a sound. A sound other than music. Our grandchildren’s squeals of glee or leaves rustling in the breeze are two recent positive examples I can think of. What about fingernails down a blackboard? Makes me shudder just imagining it.

Mike Edwards of Sound Matters is particularly attuned to the power of sound to impact how we feel and influence what we think. In fact, after hearing one particular sound in a café in Australia nearly thirty years ago, he was so profoundly affected it changed his life. In the latest episode of Talking Leaders, Mike talks about that experience and his work to use sound to engage minds particularly on environmental issues, climate change and resilience. 52 mins 25 secs

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S1E6 The Leadership Magic Sponge - Olly Purnell and Andy Cottrill of Q5

S1E6 The Leadership Magic Sponge - Olly Purnell and Andy Cottrill of Q5

May 6, 2020

What gives great leaders their magic touch? This is a question that has fascinated Olly Purnell, Andy Cottrill and their colleagues at Q5 for over ten years. And in pursuit of answers, they have seized the opportunity when it presents to interview great leaders about how they got to where they are. Having amassed a library of these interviews Q5 is now releasing a selection in a book called “Magic Sponge – a collection of interviews with inspiring leaders of the 2010’s”. In this episode, we talk about who Q5 are, what sets them apart from other consultancies and discuss a selection of interviews from the book. 40 mins 54 secs.

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S1E5 Eric Le Gal - Mindful Leadership part 2

S1E5 Eric Le Gal - Mindful Leadership part 2

April 28, 2020

Do you ever feel stuck with a problem? It’s something you know you should be able to deal with but the harder you think about it, the more you seem to dig yourself into a hole. Mindfulness coaching could be the answer. Following on from the previous episode looking at mindfulness coaching and leadership, Eric Le Gal takes us deeper into how mindfulness helps lift you out of this kind of thinking hole and allow you to see things with inspiring clarity. He also explains how gaining this kind of clarity allows leaders to become more authentic and ultimately achieve what he describes as “brilliant leadership”. 31 mins 56 secs

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S1E4 Eric Le Gal - Mindful Leadership part 1

S1E4 Eric Le Gal - Mindful Leadership part 1

April 16, 2020

How true to yourself are you as a leader? Are the roles you adopt and the behaviours you display in line with your core values? Or are you living in what Eric Le Gal calls a duality: one person at work, someone different elsewhere. In this episode, Eric shares his experiences of being torn by these kinds of feelings, and how he turned to mindfulness, meditation and Buddhism for help. He found many valuable things there, not least he re-discovered himself. Now as a Buddhist lama (spiritual leader) and leadership coach, Eric helps others reconnect with who they really are and what they used to love about what they do. 38 mins 20 secs

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S1E3 Laurence Barrett - Heresy and the psychodynamic approach to leadership

S1E3 Laurence Barrett - Heresy and the psychodynamic approach to leadership

March 18, 2020

Does business school theory get in the way of the development of good leaders? Laurence Barrett believes much of it does. He is a founding director of Heresy, the leadership and organisational development consultancy with a difference. Rooted in the principles of psychodynamics, Laurence and Heresy believe in the need to return to a grounded approach to leadership. An approach that connects at a human level.

In this episode, Laurence outlines his and Heresy’s vision to develop leaders and organisations who inspire others with their humanity. Leaders who engage people through offering meaning, and then help those people to develop their own meaning and their own agency. 50 mins 03 secs

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S1E2 Making strategy work and the power of middle managers - Joanne Rencher

S1E2 Making strategy work and the power of middle managers - Joanne Rencher

March 3, 2020

How do you get a team to think strategically? Do you have the people to deliver the strategy they develop? Is the organisation’s culture going to be a help or a hindrance? Working at the interface of these strategy success factors is Joanne Rencher’s sweet spot. After more than 25 years working as a senior HR professional, Jo knows her way around strategy. In a fascinating interview, Jo shares ideas and her experiences of making it work.

Plus we talk about Jo’s passion for middle management, a group of leaders who are often overlooked and undervalued, yet who are essential not only to an organisation’s day-to-day running but also in making strategy really work in a practical way. 52 mins 30 secs

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S1E1 John Sands - Qlik Spotlight Evangelist

S1E1 John Sands - Qlik Spotlight Evangelist

February 18, 2020

How do you connect 2,500 people across 100 countries? Not just keeping them informed but helping them feel part of one organisation.

At one time the common way to do this was by holding the annual company get-together, where everyone flew to a hotel in a nice location for a week of work and social activities. But as pressures on travel increase, these events are increasingly rare.

So how can you re-create that sense of being part of one organisation? If people aren’t able to spend time face-to-face how can they "get behind the PowerPoint" and so get to know their leaders and colleagues as people?

One solution is podcasting. In the first episode of the new season of Talking Leaders, Qlik Spotlight Evangelist John Sands talks with Paul Gisby about the video and audio podcasts that he produces that are designed to bring the people of Qlik together, without any of them having to leave home. 48 mins 22 secs

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We are changing!

We are changing!

February 4, 2020

Apologies for the gap since our last podcast, but we have some exciting news. We are changing. New look, new name, new us. This episode is a quick update on the change. And as you'll hear, we'll be back podcasting again shortly. 2 mins 36 secs.

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How any leader can communicate like a superstar!

How any leader can communicate like a superstar!

November 14, 2019

Even though conversational communications are my business, it is still a bit of thrill to be reminded why I think this medium is so powerful and can be so useful to leaders. Listening to Lin-Manuel Miranda, the writer and one-time star of the hit musical Hamilton, I got just such a reminder. What he said was good but what impressed and even inspired me most was the way that he said it, infusing his words with passion and belief. And the thing is, you don’t have to be a Broadway superstar to do this. Maybe sometimes a bit of help might be needed, but any leader can achieve a similar effect when talking about something that they really believe in. 4 mins 46 secs

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