Talking Leaders

S1E7 Mike Edwards - Using Sound to Engage Minds

May 27, 2020

When was the last time you were moved by something you heard? I don’t mean something someone said, I mean a sound. A sound other than music. Our grandchildren’s squeals of glee or leaves rustling in the breeze are two recent positive examples I can think of. What about fingernails down a blackboard? Makes me shudder just imagining it.

Mike Edwards of Sound Matters is particularly attuned to the power of sound to impact how we feel and influence what we think. In fact, after hearing one particular sound in a café in Australia nearly thirty years ago, he was so profoundly affected it changed his life. In the latest episode of Talking Leaders, Mike talks about that experience and his work to use sound to engage minds particularly on environmental issues, climate change and resilience. 52 mins 25 secs

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